7 Wealthtechs in Switzerland Offering More Than Just Your Average Robo-Advisory

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Wealthtech is a lesser known little brother to fintech that has slowly been gaining a strong footing in Switzerland.

The term refers to companies that use tech like robo-advisors and automation to digitise the wealth and asset management sector. Today, the market for net investable assets exceeds US$55,000 billion, and projected to reach US$69,607 billion by 2021.

According to Investsuite, the global robo-advisory market is estimated to grow up to 6–13 trillion US$ by 2025.

With big money involved, it’s no surprise that wealthtech is one of the fastest growing verticals in fintech, attracting US$4.6 billion in funding since 2014.

In Switzerland in particular, the industry is hitting critical mass, now housing some 75 companies according to Swisscom’s monthly Fintech Startup Map.

Volumes bear well for the industry, but may be confusing for a beginner to navigate. Therefore, we present a glimpse into seven of Switzerland’s more interesting wealthtechs, that either offer a bigger variety of wealthtech services than average, or tackling the industry with an innovative zeal.


Launched in June 2018, Investsuite is a European B2B wealthtech aiming for leadership in the digital retail wealth and management space. The company helps financial institutions retain their clients by addressing their rapidly evolving digital needs to increase their market position.

Investsuite provides a suite of white-label wealthtech products as a service that includes a B2B robo-advisor, an online investment platform, and a humanized portfolio storyteller.

Investsuite’s robo-advisor maximizes the real investment returns for each investor’s risk tolerance, financial capacity, and investment preferences.

Investsuite uses a proprietary next-generation risk measure as the foundation for portfolio optimisation and integrates over 60 years of technological advances in machine learning and quantitative research since the introduction of MPT to build the next generation of portfolio construction models


Founded in 2014, AAAccell, which

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