Coinbase Leads the 'Most Trusted' Exchanges Ranking, Binance is 8th

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Source: iStock/xijian

Below, is the top 10 “most trusted and reliable exchanges” “for investors and traders who want to identify the best venues for their risk appetite,” ranked by crypto market data provider CryptoCompare.

Today, the company launched its inaugural Exchange Benchmark in response to the problem of wash trading and inflating volume through incentivized trading schemes.

Here is how they have ranked the “most trusted and reliable exchanges”:

1. Coinbase – grade AA, total: 60.30 2. Poloniex – grade AA, total: 59.90 3. Bitstamp – grade AA, total: 59.60 4. bitFlyer – grade AA, total: 57.20 5. Liquid – grade AA, total: 56.30 6. itBit – grade AA, total: 56.0 7. Kraken – grade A, total: 54.10 8. Binance – grade A, total: 54.0 9. Gemini – grade A, total: 53.20 10. Bithumb – grade A, total: 53.10

The ranking components include: geography, legal/regulatory, investment, team/company, data provision, trade surveillance, and market quality. We see that exchanges in the top 10 category have received either AA or A grade, and all are in the 50-59 score range, save for Coinbase that is just above 60, though the differences in scores between an exchange and the one that immediately follows or precedes it is small. While most of these are relatively strong in the investments and market quality categories, certain points have been lacking in the geography and trade surveillance categories.

There are ten exchanges, ranking 101 to 110, that have received the F grade. These are: Upbit Singapore (17.90), Coinroom (17.40), Yobit (17.20), Bit-M (16.90), AidosMarket (16.00), IQFinex (15.10), Ethermium (14.60), CryptoExchangeWS (13.10), LiveCoin (13.00), FatBTC (11.20) – all significantly lacking in the legal category. However, according to CryptoCompare, Exchange Benchmark indicates that the exchanges who got C-F grades have increased market share by 30% in the last 12 months.

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